All gymnasts regardless of age or ability will be starting on Stripe 8.

Worksheets can be downloaded here.

Gymnastics is often seen as the ultimate sport, a combination of strength, flexibility, coordination, grace and stamina. This means hours of training per week. 

We have designed a series of stripes to support the pupils and accelerate skill learning by having their own body conditioning programme to complete at home. For each stripe, gymnasts will have to complete the exercises on the worksheet 3 times per week for 3 weeks, with parents/guardians signing off on the worksheet that the moves have been completed. Each gymnast will then have a gymnastics session where they will perform the moves in class with all class members and the coaches will sign off the final session. This will confirm the gymnast having passed their stripe.

All gymnasts, regardless of age or ability will be starting on Stripe 8.

Worksheets can be downloaded here.

Whilst we encourage our gymnasts and their parents to follow our home fitness programme, please take care when undertaking these stretches/movements. Do not attempt any moves on hard wood or concrete floors, always ensure there is a mat or carpet upon which you can perform these moves. Children should be supervised at all times when practising these moves.

Tekne Gymnastics takes no responsibility for accidents and/or injuries incurred outside our gymnastics lessons. 


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This gym is about positive attitudes. From the "can do" approach toward all athletes to seeing the staff enthusiastically praise a gymnast when they get a new tumbling skill.

From the beginning, the message has been, "You are capable, and you are welcome here!"

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